You Tube Videos

These videos are provided on You Tube so that you can pick and choose what you like to build your own home practice.  Enjoy!

Breathing Your Spine Awake
Using the breath and gentle movement, this seated series does wonders for relaxing the body and opening the breath. The series comes from the book Yoga for Pain Relief by Kelly McGonigal. You can do this series seated in a chair or on the floor.

Body Roll Options
These techniques offer ways to give yourself a massage using only your body weight against the hard floor.  It is not recommended to do these techniques anywhere but on the floor.  Do what works for you and leave the rest.  Go easy and remember to consult your healthcare provider.

Computer Athlete Three Step
This series is a quick, three step approach to address the chronic muscular imbalances that accompany long hours at the computer.  This is certainly not the only way address what is called the “upper crossed syndrome” but it is a quick and easy way to take breaks from working at a computer (or working on anything with your hands in front of you. Wait!  That’s almost everything we do!).

Double Leg Lift
This series works everything from the belly button down.  It is a wonderful series to do after the hip resistance series and together they can help relieve low back discomfort.

Extended Pump Series
This is my go-to series. If I don't have time for anything else, I make sure this is the series I do.

Floor Seated Hip Series
This series is to be done on your yoga mat on the floor.  If you’re looking for something to address the muscles impacting low back and hip comfort and health, this can do the trick.  However, it requires a fair amount of flexibility.  Take from the series the positions that work for you and simply skip the ones that your body doesn’t enjoy.

Head and Neck Exercises
These are simply movements you can incorporate easily into your day to ease the tension in your neck.  Check with your healthcare provider to be sure these movements are appropriate for you.

Hip Resistance Series
This series is great for releasing tightness in the back and hips.  Go gently with only 10% effort.  This is NOT about strengthening, simply releasing.  Keep the breath steady and smooth.  Consult your healthcare provider to be sure this is right for you.

Huna Dance
This is a standing series based on the seven principles of Hawaiian Huna as taught by Serge Kahili King.  This is a lovely, moving “prayer” reminding us to be aware, free, focused, here, loved, strong and whole.  It is also a great way to breathe more deeply, thus energizing and calming yourself whenever you choose.  You can do this series from a seated position as well.  For more information about the Kahili tradition of Hawaiian Huna go to

Kitchen Counter Series
This is a standing series using the kitchen counter for stability and support.  It can be a great way to get your body moving to start your day, or anytime you need a full body, quick “pick me up.”  You don’t need a kitchen counter for this series.  You can always use a chair (against a wall or on a sticky mat so it doesn’t move on you!) or a wall.  Do the parts of the series that work for you and leave what doesn’t.

Lying Crescent Moon
This lying posture is a delightful way to open the lateral aspects of the body.  It can be helpful in opening the body for deeper breathing as well.

Lying Twist: Safeguards and Options
The lying twist (if it is appropriate for your body) can be very relaxing and revitalizing. Here we discuss considerations for doing the lying twist safely and some variations you might want to explore.

Moon Salute
Many people are familiar with the Sun Salutation in yoga.  This series, called the Moon Salute, opens the lateral aspects of the body while working to strengthen the lower body.

Neck and Upper Body Series
This series helps to ease tension in the upper body and neck area.  If parts of the series are not comfortable or appropriate for you, simply skip them.

Pigeon Series
The “pigeon” is a classic in yoga classes. This series expands on the pigeon to provide a lovely opening for many of the muscles involved in low back, hip and pelvic tightness and discomfort. Do only what works for you. Consult your healthcare provider to be sure this is appropriate for your body.

Pump Series
This lying pump series works everything from the belly button down to and including the feet. This series was "standard" practice in Gil Steinberger's yoga classes. Do the whole series or just the parts of it that feel good for you. Remember to consult your healthcare provider to be sure lying supine is appropriate for your body.

Seated Foot Massage, Stretch and Toe Spread

This series can be done seated in a chair or seated on your yoga mat.  It is a great way to be nice to your feet!  It also helps to keep your feet pliable and healthy.

Side Lying Series
Leg lifts, twists and shoulder openers - all from a side lying position.

Standing Footwork with Props

Self-massage and gentle stretches to help keep your dogs from barking.

Standing Warm Up
During any given day, we don’t always invite the body to enjoy how it can move. This standing series serves as a great way to wake up the spine and allow it to gently enjoy moving again.

Sun Salute
The Sun Salutation series is a classic series in yoga. There are many ways to do the series – this is just one. This video shows Sun Salutation leading with the left leg. Do the series twice, leading with the right leg the second time.

Warrior I Flow Series
This is a standing series based on the warrior I pose.  It is a great way to energize and focus.  It can be helpful too if you sit quite a bit as it helps to open both the chest and hip flexors.

Thanks to Kathy Hunter for sharing this series with me.

Warrior II Flow Series
Based on the warrior II yoga pose, this series helps to strengthen the body and provide flexibility and openness for the torso. Experiment with the poses and how they flow into one another – for example, hold each pose for three breaths in the first round, then two breaths for each pose in the second round, and finish with holding each of the three poses for one breath a piece. It might be a bit much at first. Go easy and do only what your body enjoys.


Guided Meditation

10 – 1 Countdown
A basic meditation technique of counting backwards from 10 - 1.  Background music from Michael Benghiat's Meditation CD. Please note that this was recorded on a cell phone so the quality isn’t optimal.