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Inspiration: A Series on Breathing

Do you find yourself saying “take a deep breath” to loved ones, students, clients, patients, coworkers or yourself (because you’ve been taught that deep breathing is helpful)?

Have you tried “breathing exercises” only to become more anxious, confused or disappointed with the results?
(And perhaps even secretly believing there is something wrong with you – because everyone knows deep breathing is good for you, right?)

Would you like more breathing options for your own self care and for the care of other?

With this introductory series of classes you will:
- Take the mystery (and for some – misery) out of breathing techniques
- Learn a wide variety of techniques for utilizing the breath more effectively
- Have time and space to gently and lovingly experiment with your breath and how it impacts your body, mind and spirit
- Develop practical breathing skills for yourself and for assisting others

Series Schedule:
Monday, January 6, 2020: Introduction – Beyond “Take a Deep Breath”
- Explorations in Exhalation
- Centering Breathing – a viable option when introducing breath work

Monday, January 20, 2020: “Feeling” the Breath
- Basic postural considerations for breath work
- Experiential Three Phase to Full Breathing Technique
- Moving meditation for opening the breath

Monday, February 3, 2020: How’s this Work Anyway?
- Anatomy and Functional Considerations, Tips and Interesting Trivia
- How chronic musculoskeletal pain relates to the breath
- Self-Care releases to enhance breathing effectiveness
- The Ocean Breath
- Alternate Breathing

Monday, February 17, 2020: Breathing with Purpose
- Intentional Breathing: variations and experiential exploration
- Transformational Breath
- Affirmative Breathing: The I AM breath
- The “Flow” Breath
- Accept and Release Breath
- Autogenics (Eliciting the Relaxation Response)
- In/Out Breath (Basic Meditation Technique)

Monday, March 2, 2020: Counted Breathing
- The Basics of Counted Breathing Techniques
- Contraindications and considerations
- Variations and their suggested applications
- Block Breathing
- 478 Breath
- 4484 Breathing Exploration

Monday, March 16, 2020: Pikopiko – Hawaiian Breathing Perspectives and Practices

- Introduction to pikopiko
- Applications of pikopiko
- Discussion of variations
- Experiential exploration in pikopiko techniques

Time:           6:30 – 7:30 PM
Location:      St. Charles Lodge, Level C Conference Room, 600 Farrell Drive, Ft. Wright, Kentucky 41011
Fee:             $18 per class or $90 for entire series (six classes)
Register: or 859-750-6710



Cultivating a Meditation/Mindfulness Practice
Would you like to meditate but don’t know where or how to start?
Have you been impressed by the research on mindfulness and meditation
but don’t quite know how to incorporate it into your personal or clinical life?
Would you love to have the time and space specifically set aside
to explore what meditation can mean for you?

Consider this series as a primer for a journey into meditation and mindfulness.  Even if you already have an established or sporadic personal practice, consider this series as dedicated time and space to spend with your inner stillness, perhaps even experiencing it in novel ways.

Each week’s session will include:
- Experiential exploration of a specific meditation/mindfulness practice
- Time for discussion on variations and uses for the specified practice
- Guidance for clinical as well as personal application of the techniques explored

By the end of the series, you will:
- have established your own daily meditation “habit”
- have a variety of techniques and ideas for keeping your daily practice alive and interesting
- have ideas and direction for sharing the benefits of meditation and mindfulness with others

Cultivating Therapeutic Presence: Caring for Yourself While Caring for Others
Would you like to be more of a healing presence for others?
Do caregiving activities (professional or personal) leave you feeling helpless and drained?
Do you wish you had dedicated time and space to explore how you choose to “be” with others?

Therapeutic presence has been described as a way of being fully present physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually with another in order to accompany them in their healing journey.   We are all called upon to do this work at one time or another either through professional choice or personal responsibility.  These six sessions allow time to examine and define how you “show up” in a way that is uniquely yours and serves both you and those with whom you interact.

Sessions will build upon techniques and discussions from previous sessions. 
By the end of the series, you will have:
- Explored and defined for yourself how you choose to “show up” with another
- Acquired specific skill sets for being present physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually
- Established your own approach to preparing for, participating in and processing interactions
- Gained concrete and pragmatic tools for addressing burnout and compassion fatigue

Guided Meditation Adventures
One of the most consistently reported obstacles to a meditation practice is giving one’s self permission to carve out the time and space to practice.  The second most common obstacle is the sense that you are somehow not “doing it right” and would prefer some kind of gentle guidance. 

This series is designed to address both obstacles, setting aside the time and space to explore your inner silence with a gentle guide to assist you during the journey.  No meditation experience is necessary for these sessions and seasoned meditators are welcome, too.  You will be encouraged to “get comfortable” and for many people (myself included) that means lying down.  Or, you may sit upright if that is your preference.  No rules or regulations here – just time to spend with your own inner stillness.  Bring a mat, blanket, pillows and whatever allows you to get comfortable.  You might also want to bring a journal to record any insights or self-discoveries that arise.

Many people find it helpful to be a part of a group meditation experience, specifically benefiting from the “collective” stillness.  I hope you can join us for these meditative adventures, finding novel ways to spend time with and nurture yourself.

Instructor for all workshops listed:  Nancy L. Bloemer, ThD, LMT, E-RYT500, C-IAYT
Nancy is a registered yoga teacher and certified yoga therapist (since 1986), is a licensed massage therapist (since 1992), and has earned a doctorate in theology researching the impact of yoga on adolescent women.  Nancy presents workshops and classes regionally, nationally and internationally; produces wellness related newsletters, articles, videos, audio recordings and has authored a book on practical self-care. 

Contact Nancy at or 859-750-6710