Private Sessions

Private sessions are available by appointment at the office located in Ft. Wright, Kentucky.  Therapeutic modalities include massage (Swedish, Barefoot Massage, Myofascial Massage, Craniosacral), energy work, relaxation techniques, guided imagery and yoga.  To schedule an appointment call 859-750-6710 or email at

Yoga Classes

The group yoga sessions are eclectic in style including techniques from various disciplines such as medical massage, energy medicine, visualization, a variety of meditation practices, relaxation research, myofascial therapy, Hawaiian Huna, and hatha yoga. Classes are best described as "a yoga-based approach to body awareness and intentional rest."  Sessions are tailored to meet the individual needs of the participants.  Classes are open to men and women of all ages and yoga practitioners of any level. Bring an exercise mat or blanket to class. Dress comfortably, and do not have a big meal at least two hours prior to class.

Workshops and Presentations

Practical Wellness presentations and workshops reflect a unique philosophy of sensible self-care that can easily be incorporated into everyday life. Presentations are practical, informational, experiential and entertaining.  Tips and techniques are presented and explored that allow participants to put new information into practice before they leave the room. The delivery is personable, effective and inspirational.  If you would like information on a Practical Wellness presentation for your organization, business or group, contact Nancy directly at 859-750-6710 or