The Now River: Practical Techniques for Living in the Present Moment
by Nancy L. Bloemer

"Go with the flow and enter the Now River of your life."
  -- Bernie Siegal, MD, Author     

"Many extol the benefits of living in the present moment but few offer techniques for

living it. In a wise and articulate style all her own, Nancy outline practical and creative

ways to soften the attachment to the 'doing-ness' of life and settle into 'being' in the

moment."   --  Lilias Folan, Yoga Teacher, Author 

"The Now River is a rich source of physical and mental techniques - all of them very practical and well-explained - for relieving stress and achieving inner harmony. I recommend it highly."  -- Serge Kahili King, PH.D., Author

Introduction to the Book:
     The following information originates from years of studying and teaching hatha yoga, stress management, meditation, and body awareness, as well as my private practice as a medical massage therapist. Although it has been my profession, the road to this knowledge has also been a very personal one. It's been said that we teach what we need to know. I'm living proof of this adage. I am not a master of the techniques and paradigms that will follow. Precisely because I need them in my own life, I continue to teach them, practice them and share them here with you.
     The information presented here is not intended to be a road map for personal enlightenment. If I outlined a specific road map that worked for me and instructed you to follow it without interpretation or deviation, the only thing you would find at the end of that road would be me. To know your teacher is generally not the goal of learning, growth and/or enlightenment. To know yourself is.
     What you will find within this text are tools, streetlights and roadsigns for your personal journey. These tools have been implemented and proven helpful in not only my personal life journey, but also in the lives of the hundreds of people I've been blessed to know through my work. Just as a wrench is not appropriate for the delicacies of brainsurgery, not all the tools presented here will benefit your path. Take what you can use and discard the rest.
     Throughout this text techniques are often recommended for specific physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues and conditions. Please bear in mind that they are suggested as enhancements, not replacements, for the sound advice and counsel of a trusted health care professional.
     Finally, just because the gifts of this information flow through me, that does not mean I am their source. I cannot think of one technique that I teach or practice for which I am personally and solely responsible. These gifts come from everything I've ever read, seen, experienced or been taught (by both formal instructors and more often by my "students"). All of which of course, originate from the Divine presence of Our Creator.
     Thank you for sharing in this journey. May you flow effortlessly in the Now River, bearing conscious witness to its infinite blessings.

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Stress Management: Relaxing Body, Mind and Soul

      The techniques covered in this 60 minute video are based in the Eastern practice of hatha yoga and tempered with an understanding of the stress of our Western World. The session begins with breathing techniques to calm and quiet the mind and body. Then, gentle stretches are introduced to release muscular tension, enhance flexibility and increase muscle tone. The video culminates with a guided, progressive relaxation allowing you a complete peace of body, mind and soul. The video is similar to the first session in a series of yoga classes. The techniques and stretches are basic and gentle. No knowledge of yoga, great flexibility or physical conditioning are required. A thorough explanation of each technique is given, including suggestions for making the posture easier or more challenging depending on your body’s needs.

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